The Need for Hot Tools for Chemical Hair Straightening Method

Hair straightening is one of the ways to make human hair look soft, smooth, and sleek. If people are looking to do straightening their hair then they can find various methods of process under three major categories called, Chemical, Non-Chemical and Natural. According to the types of hair the particular person has may choose the best one for straightening. Some of those methods canbe done by the people themselves and some methods need to approach the saloon. In most of the methods of straightening process the tools like NuMe Hot Tools are required and hence if that is available with other required things then can engage the process well in manner.Fine, let us see the methods involved in one of those three categories named “Chemical hair straightening” briefly.

Hair Rebonding: to straighten the hair with this method people should go to a saloon. In this method, chemical and also heat straighten the hair since the used chemical will break the bond between the hair and the heat, and also applied chemical resumes the bonding again. Because of this, the method got its name rebounding. The process will take a longer time and the final output may last for six to ten months based on the nature of hair that the particular people have. Since the chemical is used along with the heat there are chances to occur damageto hair.

NuMe Hot Tools

Keratin Process: In this method, the hair will be straightened by application of a solution of keratin and followed by blow air drying. Since the keratin solution is applied the method is called “protein treatment”. It causes fewer damages than Hair Rebonding.